The 67 BEST Texts To Send A Woman – Text A Girl You Like

The 67 BEST Texts To Send A Woman – Text A Girl You Like

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The 67 BEST Texts To Send A Woman - Text A Girl You LikeClick Image To Visit SiteYou’re reading this page because you want to know one thing. How to make your object of desire want, need and demand to f*** you.

They are the next generation, cutting-edge, desire-creating texts. Everything you’ve ever seen on texting is old, outdated, overused, and let’s be honest…Lame.

So if you’re NOT serious about making every woman in the world think you are a walking fuck-magnet… it’s probably best you don’t continue reading.

The Secret male repellant implant that makes her reject all guys and think of ONLY you when she gets hit on by other guys.  (Text #61)

A “Sex Special” tactic to produce thoughts of you F****** her brains out throughout the day. Using this bold maneuver imposes your dominance and makes her CRAZY for you. (Text #28)

An newly discovered ‘Game’ strategy to Make her send you nude pictures throughout the day. (Text #54)

How to make her want you RIGHT when you send her that first intro text… before you even get her in bed (Text #44)

The Sex for grapes trick. Don’t freak out! You don’t actually have to buy grapes (Unless you really want you)… sex for grapes is a powerful trick you can use immediately. Revealed in… (Text #23)

The ‘99 cents sex dream’ Make her have a sex dream about you the same night and unleash her inner sex animal. (Text #8)

Why playing The picture Game is the fastest and easiest way to Stealth Seduction. (She won’t know what you’re doing until she’s sending you pictures of her naked and completely exposed body to you.) (Text #42)

You’ve been searching for the next generation of pussy attraction texts. Girls are looking to fvck guys who have… Read more…

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