Welcome to the best you ever! – Tasty, Quick, and Easy Raw Vegan Recipes

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Welcome to the best you ever! - Tasty, Quick, and Easy Raw Vegan RecipesClick Image To Visit SiteWho else wants to LOSE WEIGHT while eating as much of these foods as you want AND have lots of ENERGY?!!! Eat in ABUNDANCE, eat as much as you want, while losing weight and looking like a better version of you. Get your dream body and never go hungry again! It sounds too good to be true but it really really is!!! Just keep reading and I’ll show you how……

Hi there health conscious friends, My name is Nargis and I am a very experienced personal trainer who has tried everything in the book. Although I have my dream body now and quite easily it wasn’t always this way. I used to portion control, tried every diet in the book from south beach, to Atkins, to Paleo to you name it I’ve tried it. I would overwork my body working out intensely for 3-4 hours every day and yet it was two steps forward and one step back. I could not get the last 30 lbs off of me no matter how hard I tried. It was embarrassing, frustrating and made me self conscience in the gym. I would dream of fitting into my favorite dresses and having a rocking body and being asked out more. I tried everything and just finally gave up and accepted that I would always be a "thick personal trainer" I would go to bed hungry sometimes, workout 3 hours a day to the point of exhaustion, and get so frustrated that no matter what I did the weight just wouldn’t come off. It was like my body was stubbornly holding on to weight. I would get so upset that I dieted so much, would portion control all the time, and yet was still not able to lose that last 30 lbs especially in… Read more…

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