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UltimateRevengeBody.com - Get Your Revenge Body Now - Revenge Weight Loss System!Click Image To Visit SiteRead This Special Report Right Now To Discover How I Went From Worrying About My Weight AND My Marriage Ending… To Getting A Slim, Slender Body That My Hubby Just Loves!

Because ever since I gained extra weight during my last pregnancy… I couldn’t lose it no matter WHAT I tried. And believe me,

Like a monster hiding under my bed… it was always there, waiting. Except in THIS ‘case, the monster was the anxiety about losing my marriage AND my husband.

Hi, my name is Kylie and it was 3 years ago that I was pregnant with my son. During this pregnancy… my weight skyrocketed to 158 pounds.

This was by FAR the heaviest I’d EVER weighed. Just the thought of gaining almost 50 pounds had delivered a crushing blow on my confidence.

At first, I thought the weight would come off easily after giving birth, just like it did when I had my daughter. But now that I was approaching 40 years old!

I worked out for hours and hours a week. And as the weeks went by and I hadn’t lost a pound… I got more depressed. I was SO mad that I wasn’t seeing any results, part of me felt like giving up.

I did, in a way. I turned to junk food for comfort. When my husband went to bed at night, I’d take out the chips or the cookies and quickly eat them before he or the kids woke up. I’d feel a little bit of joy from junk food. I continued using food as an emotional crutch.

But soon… the joy would turn to disgust and shame. Like a vicious circle, I’d go from feeling disgusted with myself because of eating junk to feeling sorry for myself.

I even started wearing baggy clothes… Read more…

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