KETO The Easiest Way to BURN FAT eBook by Oskar Levsky – 2018 Fat Burning Nation

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KETO The Easiest Way to BURN FAT eBook by Oskar Levsky - 2018 Fat Burning NationClick Image To Visit SiteYou can’t improve your health by popping pills and mixing shakes alone. You need home made real food. Obesity is a metabolic disorder that has nothing to do with your age, genes or the amount of physical activity and everything to do with your metabolism of grains, potatoes and sugar (GPS). "The American Heart Association recommends not more than 25 grams of sugar a day if you are a woman and not more than 40 grams of sugar a day if you are a man. Not more than 5% of all the calories in your diet should come from sugar." The results of overconsumption of grains, potatoes and sugar are devestating and linked to chronic inflammation and build up of visceral belly fat that is hidden inside your abdominal cavity and it wraps itself around your heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. So what do you do?

Before you can BURN any FAT at all, You need to GET WELL FIRST. You need to GET NINE HOURS of good night sleep first, then follow the plan …

Dietary Ketosis or simply KETO is not a diet, but a metabolic order that allows your body to burn fat for energy, including your own fat deposits. Instead of glucose (sugar) you will be burning ketones (fat) for energy. Dietary Ketosis represents the natural default state of metabolic order in your body before you were introduced to grains, potatoes and sugar (GPS).

Enjoy bone broths & soups to reduce inflammation, to support skin, joint, and gut health with collagen!

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