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cbClick Image To Visit SiteIt doesn’t matter if you’re selling your own products…..or you’re a super affiiate…. or you’re a newbie just

Where do all the ‘traditional’ keyword software tools on the market get their keyword search data from?

It leaves you competing with hundreds of thousands of other people who are using those same keywords

As for the other keyword tools,…B, C and D, are arguably the most popular keyword tools on the market

I entered that keyword as the “phrase”… “DOG TRAINING” into ‘Google’s Keyword Planner’ and got back

Since every keyword tool on the market gets it keywords and data from Google, those results aren’t

If you’re in the DOG TRAINING market, and you search the for the keyword “DOG TRAINING” in ANY

You’re going to have tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of people out there who are in your

market or niche competing against YOU, because they’ll be using the exact same keywords as you’re

So, if you wanted to get on page 1 of Google for the keyword phrase “DOG TRAINING”, you’ll have a

And you’d almost certainly fail unless you were prepared to put in months, maybe years, of mind numbing

Let’s focus on targeting and finding the keywords and phrases that ‘desperate buyers’ in the dog

Except this time, instead of using keywords from those commercial keywords tools, I’ll be using some

keywords and phrases taken from a secret ‘desperate buyer’ keyword arsenal, that I’ll introduce you to

a bit later on, that makes it so easy to find all those keywords and phrases that ‘desperate buyer’s

Using my ‘secret keyword arsenal’, I was able to come up with thousands of ‘desperate buyer’ keywords

Here are just a few… Read more…

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