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Run FasterClick Image To Visit SiteThis simple and easy to use guide will show you how to smash your personal best time over any distance, get strong and run injury-free. Get your 1st Chapter FREE!

Runners tend to focus on miles rather than form, function, and strength, which is why this book, Run Faster, can be such a vital resource for both recreational and competitive runners alike….With clear and easy to understand methods for muscle strengthening, Run Faster can help you become more than just an effective runner. With more strength and a better understanding of your body, you can become an optimal runner.

As a keen runner I’m always looking to improve and get the best out of my body. Incorporating strength training is a key component to improving and running faster. Since incorporating strength exercises with my running training as prescribed in the eBook "Run Faster -7 Secrets To Improving Speed, Endurance and Risk of Injury" I have significantly improved my run times. My most recent half marathon slashed 6 minutes off my previous personal best time to 1:33:38 and 14 minutes off my marathon time to achieve 3:24:02. I also set a 10k PB of 43:12. I am confident that if I continue to work hard with my training and strength exercises that I will continue to improve! The proof is in the pudding!

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Graham Nelson and I am a qualified Physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. I have been practising for over 20 years, and have treated many runners from the recreational to the sub-elite level. Check out my Physiotherapy clinic at for more info.

I am also a very keen runner, have completed 5 marathons to date… Read more…

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