Overcoming Hypoglycemia – Ebook Guide

Overcoming Hypoglycemia – Ebook Guide

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Overcoming Hypoglycemia - Ebook GuideClick Image To Visit SiteBy: Damian Muirhead Successfully Recovered Hypoglycemic London United Kingdom Thursday, July 12th, 2007 Dear Friend,

If you’re hypoglycemic, you and I both know that you need not go to an amusement park to experience its roller coaster effects on your personal and social life.

The constant mood swings…the chronic fatigue and depression… The cravings for sweet and starchy foods….

And well-meaning family and friends aren’t making you feel any better either, when they say things like…

Isn’t it just frustrating when nobody seems to understand what you’re really going through? In fact, if you’re like me, you may want to flash out this message to the entire world…

Up until a few years ago, I was battling the demon of hypoglycemia myself. So I truly know your pain.

In fact, just the simple act of waking up in the morning was horrible. No matter what time I went to sleep or how many hours I slept, I would always feel tired.

And even though I had never touched a drop of alcohol in my life, I would frequently wake up with symptoms that can only be described as a hangover: aches and pains all over my body and waking up dazed with a headache and an aversion to bright lights and sounds.

And although I would be hit with frequent bouts of hunger, I would stave these off with large helpings of potato chips, candy, chocolate, and ice cream. It was a common sight to see me in the kitchen at 3 am, eating large helpings of ice cream followed by homemade French fries, which would instantly make me feel better.

I also began to develop chronic insomnia and would often stay awake all through the night until 6 or 7 am, unable to get my racing mind… Read more…

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