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Home – Common Pomeranian Health Problems

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Home - Common Pomeranian Health ProblemsClick Image To Visit SiteCommon Pomeranian Health Problems digs deep into the most common health issues your Pomeranian will experience within their lifetime and provides you the necessary preventive measures and treatments to combat those issues. Don’t wait. Act now. Ensure your family member doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.

Ever notice your Pomeranian walking strangely? It’s likely they have a luxating patella. This causes pain and discomfort every day of their lives and almost always gets worse when unaddressed.

An irreversible skin disease that causes permanent hair loss. This can have devastating effects on your Pomeranian’s appearance and attitude which can last a lifetime.

Is your Pomeranian coughing excessively or making goose-like coughing sounds? Pomeranians are highly prone to damaged windpipes, which can be extremely uncomfortable and can get worse over time.

Food allergies are unfairly common in Pomeranians. Eating the wrong kinds of food can cause depressed moods, allergic reactions, and shortened lifespans.

Wouldn’t you feel terrible for your Pomeranian if you saw them limping around? Of course you would! Luxating patellas are extremely common in Pomeranians and are the result of your Pomaranian’s kneecap dislocating from its socket.

Luxating patellas can cause pain and discomfort in your Pomeranian’s every day life. Luckily there are preventive measures and treatments that will help you and your Pomeranian life a happy and healthy life. Will you ensure your Pomeranian doesn’t live a life full of pain?

Have you ever heard your Pomeranian cough with a loud goose-like noise or making gagging sounds after eating or drinking? If so, your Pomeranian is likely to have a collapsed trachea. They’re an unfortunate, painful, and uncomfortable health problem that occurs due to weak and damaged cartilage surrounding your Pomeranian’s windpipe.

Collapsed tracheas make it very difficult for your Pomeranian to breathe, play, eat, drink, and live… Read more…

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