Healthy Mexican Recipes – The perfect recipes for your tastebuds and body!

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Healthy Mexican Recipes – The perfect recipes for your tastebuds and body!Click Image To Visit SiteHey, my name is Daniel Garcia. And I’m a man who has come a long way in terms of health and fitness.

The moment I’d lose weight one week, it SUDDENLY shot up the next week! I had a very bad case of the “yo-yo” effect.

Dieting has never been my thing. I don’t understand how the HECK bodybuilders can eat nothing but broccoli and chicken for MONTHS just for one competition!

But, when I had to sacrifice my delicious Mexican food to get results, I knew this weight loss thing would be an uphill battle.

Unfortunately, Mexican food isn’t the most nutrient-dense food. It lacks protein and is very high in calories and unhealthy fat.

If you REALLY love Mexican food like me, you will also probably have gone through the weight loss struggle like me.

Or maybe you escaped college still having a healthy weight, but your love of Mexican food started showing itself around your waistline once you started working a 9-to-5.

As I got older, I began getting seriously into fitness. This led me to becoming a certified personal trainer.

While I had no problem with exercising and breaking a sweat, I couldn’t eat healthy to save my life!

Life would be so much better if we could eat whatever we please and still be in-shape by just exercise alone!

I noticed that my personal training clients were having the same issue as me. They would get fit and strong, but have issues with long-term weight loss due to their love of food.

I desperately wanted to get my clients (myself included) long-term results and put an end to the “yo-yo” effect.

Whew!!! That’s all I got to say about all them… Read more…

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