Ten/Twenty/Life :: Learn How to Maximize Your Strength for Life

Ten/Twenty/Life :: Learn How to Maximize Your Strength for Life

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Ten/Twenty/Life :: Learn How to Maximize Your Strength for LifeClick Image To Visit SiteBenefit from Brian’s FIFTEEN years of world-class lifting experience. Who better to learn strength training from than a guy who does them for a living better than anyone else in the world?

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“A fighter has to be strong enough to control the opponent, deliver powerful punches and kicks and deal with severe impacts. After training for more than 10 years at the top of the pro-fighting and BJJ circuit, Brian Carroll’s 10/20/Life method has not only addressed all of the above, but it has actually helped make my training fun again. Today I feel like I am training increasingly smarter as well as being much more mindful of technique—a winning combination for getting stronger and staying injury free."

“Having spent the majority of my life playing football—from youth all the way to the professional level—my love for strength training made powerlifting a logical “go-to” sport. Little did I know, however, the stark difference between competitive lifting and strength training for sports.  From a partially torn hamstring, tricep injury, and a completely detached pec-tendon, I turned to Brian Carroll’s 10/20/Life for direction and guidance.  In less than one year working with Brian I beat my all time personal best total by 70lbs (2450) and actually accomplished this at lower body weight. 10/20/Life has completely changed the way I approach training and has ultimately saved me from remaining my own worst enemy.”

“There is no easy way. There is no magic pill. And there is no instant results.  What there is however: hard work, long hours, smart planning, ideal timing, optimal programming, and attention to detail.  In short, this is 10/20/Life… Read more…

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