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Likely, your answer is carbs, like starches, fruit, and other sugars. When you walk, talk, or simply move through your daily routine, you are burning energy, and typically most people get most of their energy from Dietary Carbohydrates

Much of the time, especially with the modern-day heavy-carb diet, your energy comes from carbohydrates. These are sugars and starches, which are broken down into glucose, which is then used by the body for energy.

As you probably know, people living in modern countries are fatter than ever before, and in the US, 1/3 of all people are obese.

Ketones do not usually enter the body fuel equation until you start eating carb smart and enter a state of ketosis, where your body begins to burn stored body fat for energy

Reducing carb intake triggers a harmless physiological state known as ketosis that provides an alternative source of fuel. There are no clear requirements for dietary carbohydrates in human adults, and the effects of ketosis may offer therapeutic benefits for various different disease states, those common and also those that are rare. The report further comments on a landmark study that a very low carb diet results in a significant reduction of body fat and a naturally accompanying increase in lean body mass in male subjects of normal body weight.

Half of the subjects followed a very low carb plan, while the other half followed the American Heart Association’s low-fat diet, the average loss for the low carb group was 31 pounds, while the low fat group had only an average loss of 20 pounds.

Easy! You limit the number of and sources of the carbohydrates you eat. As soon as this happens… Read more…

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