Kill Your Cravings Diet

Kill Your Cravings Diet

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Kill Your Cravings DietClick Image To Visit SiteHello Friend, How many times has this happened to you? Be honest now… Your sitting quietly in front of the TV, relaxing watching your favorite show, when WHAM, it hits you like a sledgehammer. That uncontrollable urge to eat something sweet has rolled over the top of you. You try to resist the urge to get up and go the cupboard to get those biscuits, but it’s no use. The more your try to resist, the stronger those cravings become. Eventually you give in…..

You dash to the cupboard and grab a couple of biscuits out of the tin, and then you settle back down to watch your TV program. You swear to yourself, that’s you’ll just have the two biscuits. But that doesn’t work. Those cravings only keep getting more intense than ever now, so you go back to the pantry, but this time you grab the whole pack of biscuits and you grab a soda while you’re there..

Five minutes later, the pack of biscuits is gone, and the soda is gone, but you’re still craving more. Now, the inner demons would take over… the cravings for sweet food are taking over every thought. “Where can I get something sweet and chewy?” Then you remember the half-eaten cheese cake left over in the fridge. Next minute, that was all gone too. But that still wasn’t enough. You knew there was chocolate. There had to be chocolate. You’d rummage through the cupboards, turning the kitchen upside down looking for just a square of chocolate. Eventually you’d find it and devour the whole block.. Full to the point of feeling sick, you’re now overwhelmed, guilty and ashamed of what you had just done. But there was no going back, because now… Read more…

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