Undo Your Belly Bulge Clickbank – Undo Your Belly Bulge

Undo Your Belly Bulge Clickbank – Undo Your Belly Bulge

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Undo Your Belly Bulge Clickbank - Undo Your Belly BulgeClick Image To Visit SiteI was having a conversation with a friend one day at the gym. My friend whom I will refer to as John, was also a personal trainer and former men’s physique competitor. 

He shared stories of his experience as a competitor and gave a few tips on how to prepare for a competition.  He told me he was sharing this information because he felt like I had the potential to compete at a high level.

 The only area he felt I needed to improve on was my abs, which at the time were lacking definition. His suggestion was that I should tweak my diet to see an improvement in my midsection. 

That advice made me a little puzzled because my diet was already clean. So in my head, I was thinking; any further adjustments to my diet would make no difference. 

But, I didn’t mention this to him, perhaps for not wanting to seem to resist his advice, owing to the fact that something was holding me back from seeing my six-pack.

Like most people, I didn’t put much effort into building my abs. My ab training at the time was ten minutes of half-hearted reps for one day out of the week.

 His suggestion certainly stirred up my thinking, however, the BIG question for me though, was; how would my lacking six-pack turn into a well-defined six-pack by merely changing what I eat? And to further complicate things, as I have mentioned earlier, my diet was already mostly clean.

My body fat percentage was probably around 10 percent. I was living out the low body fat, no abs scenario. That day, my friend’s suggestion triggered something in my thinking. I thought to myself; there had to be something other than… Read more…

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