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cb – next30tribe.com

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cb – next30tribe.comClick Image To Visit SiteAnother truth is that – if you’re like any of the females I’ve worked with… you want to feel confident about your body. You got the gym membership in the past, but nothing changed. You did the "30 day squat challenge", again it didn’t seem to make any difference. When you look at what the 7% of the females are doing, you begin to notice a pattern that is pretty freakin’ clear! But more on that in a min…

BEFORE I FORGET, LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF… My name is Adewale Jr. and as an online Fitness Coach, I train females struggling with losing weight! The problem they struggle with is not knowing what to eat, or how to eat for their fitness goals. After almost a decade of training and helping hundreds of females – I’ve learned a few things about what not to do. I HAVE CRACKED THE CODE TO TURNING YOUR BODY INTO A FAT-BURNING FURNACE. (without the stress – or anxiety… just a guy on a mission to help you feel more comfortable about your body).

I have put together a fun and exciting Fitness Tribe. A membership vault with every single thing I know about successfully burning body fat and losing weight so you can be in the 7% success rate of females achieving their fitness goals. It’s Like Liposuction… But Without the Anesthesia, Blood or Pain.

For those who went through my other programs – 83% Completion Rate, 97% Success Rate… Listen to some of the stories.

" …He wants the best for you. He wants you to be happy and see results. He wants you to feel good about yourself and believe you can do it. "

" …Wale is a phenomenal trainer and coach. He gives you all the tools to be successful to getting the results that you’re… Read more…

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