Commando Conditioning For Fat Loss And Fitness

Commando Conditioning For Fat Loss And Fitness

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Commando Conditioning For Fat Loss And FitnessClick Image To Visit SiteI CAN’T HIRE ANOTHER TRAINER. I tried. They just learn my shit and then take off and teach a shitty half assed version of my methods. I would rather spend my time showing people like you how to get wicked fast results then a trainer that will just rip off my methods and call them their own.

Got some questions in my email from a subscriber yesterday asking about what exactly is in the commando program. Here’s the answers

RAY’S ANSWER: Could take anywhere from and hour down to 4 minutes depending on which workout combo or variation you do and how in shape you are. The better in shape you get the faster you go, unless you pick the hardest exercises and then it takes you longer… requiring more rest. It all depends.

Question: I love the weights but like you said I’m not seeing the gains I want, is this workout more cardio?

RAY’S ANSWER: It’s cardio if you are capable of doing the workouts quickly with no rest. If you pick the most challenging exercises and rest between sets it builds strength, power and flexibility.

RAY’S ANSWER: You may be doing TOO MUCH or not sleeping, eating or recovering adequately. Seeing results is just a matter of stressing the muscles and letting them recover. If there are no positive results then a part of the equation is missing – intensity or rest.

RAY’S ANSWER: It is a combo. There is a downloadable book, which I used to sell on amazon, and a series of workouts and exercise demonstrations done by yours truly (on video to watch online or download) to explain everything – it’s pure guerrilla video done in my basement. There is also a client session where I run them through a version of it and video it. Read more…

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