Bodyweight Training: Reimagined – No Gym, No Problem – Flow Training

Bodyweight Training: Reimagined – No Gym, No Problem – Flow Training

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Bodyweight Training: Reimagined - No Gym, No Problem - Flow TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteHave you tried to lose fat and gain muscle by following a fitness program but didn’t see any real results?

Maybe you’ve spent paycheck after paycheck on gym memberships and exercise equipment you don’t have time to use.

Maybe you’ve tried do-it-yourself fitness by searching Instagram model pages only to be hit in the face with reality—

Before you waste countless hours on cardio machines, you MUST know what it’s like to get your heart racing by yourself, and

Before you spend ANY more time moving weights around the gym with flimsy limbs and a weak core, you MUST read the rest of this page to discover our solution to this age-old problem.

Our names are Paul Dallas (left) and Aaron Lemma (right).  We’re lifelong friends and training partners. We became Bodyweight Experts for different reasons.

Paul started exercising with calisthenics. In the past few years, he began rolling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a competitive sport built upon integrative strength through bodyweight control.

I began training with free weight strength training. After years getting hurt from muscular imbalances, bodyweight exercises corrected my posture and became a cornerstone of my training.  Being a competitive sprinter, I use plyometrics to build explosive, lean muscle.

Paul and I are both in college.  We go to different schools.  We are pretty healthy individuals, but when we look around and see our peers trying to stay healthy, we see the same patterns repeated:

These detrimental habits keep people energetically drained, making the barrier to entry towards a healthy life much more difficult

And then midterms come.  A stressful week of schoolwork rearranges priorities and this successful but unsustainable method for staying in shape ceases.  Lack of knowledge produces lack of structure and manifests in lack of viable… Read more…

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