Zoom Wellness – CopperZen Compression Socks

Zoom Wellness – CopperZen Compression Socks

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Zoom Wellness - CopperZen Compression SocksClick Image To Visit SiteOur heart constantly pumps oxygenated blood through our arteries and around our entire body, including the feet and legs. Our veins then bring oxygen-poor blood back to the heart to be recycled.

The problem is, getting blood back out of our lower limbs is much more difficult than anywhere else on the body.

Our veins are not pressurized, meaning they have to fight against gravity to push blood back up the legs. Our calf and leg muscles normally do this. However, a lifestyle or job that involves lots of sitting and standing means they don’t always work efficiently enough to prevent stale, oxygen-poor blood from pooling in the feet and legs, causing aches, pains, throbbing, swelling, and more.

They’re also thin enough to be worn under any pair of socks discreetly (or on their own), allowing for improved blood circulation and pain relief while at work, at the gym, playing sports, or any other activity that might trigger foot pain.

Fortunately, Copper-Infused Compression Socks can get rid of foot fungus and prevent it from growing back.

In other words, CopperZen Compression Socks can help you stay on your feet longer, boost athletic performance, and promote faster recovery – all thanks to our breakthrough CircuBoost Technology!

The socks are made from breathable 100% latex-free elasticated nylon with 12% infused copper fabric, and also include anti-moisture technology to limit sweating… so unlike regular socks, your feet will remain cool, dry and comfortable, rather than hot and clammy – even if you choose to wear them all day!

They can also stretch to fit virtually any foot size – male or female. And because they help to improve blood flow to your feet, ankles and calves, the socks can reduce post-exercise throbbing, so you can get back on your feet… Read more…

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